Just got called a lightweight by a Milbanker. Boo hoo, I'm going to cry myself to sleep...oh wait no I'm actually over it.

This feel alright
So I've set up my LJ now, listed a bunch of things I like, had a look around and well, LJ people seem pretty cool.

Sometimes I feel like the only one of my friends interested in something, and how can you develop an interest when you have no one to share it with? You can, but it's harder. Now I have this portal of seemingly endless depth.
LJ is so interesting. I feel like I could spend hours on here!

Now all I need is to find some people who like the same things I do and I'm sorted =)

I thought I'd left my forumy, chatroomy, geeky closet interests days behind but no no, I just put them on hold.

Looking forward to finding my way around here!


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